October 4, 2008

And Summer Is Gone

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In the short story “And Summer Is Gone” by Susie Kretschmer, Amy and David are teenagers, who grew as best friends when they first met. They live in the same community, go to the same school, and are in the same grade; however the two of them develop their own character traits, and become opposite from one another as the story goes on.


They have different behavior. David is an independent person. No matter what happens between Amy and him, David is the same person throughout the story. He will “… [keep] who [he] [is], and it is what [he] will always be.” (27) But, Amy changes with the surroundings. When Amy and David first met, she is such an affable little girl who sticks with him every time. After she is affected by her popular female friends who carry gossip around, Amy becomes cruel. She starts to ignore the person, who is used to be her best friend, and “… hardly [speaks] to [him] at school, ever.” (11) Amy and David both reflect ones characteristics that the other one doesn’t have.


Their sociability is dissimilar. Amy is an outgoing person, who makes David hangs around with her after two hours they met. She is also the kind of person who will “… [go] to every party, every football game, every prestigious event at school.” (20) David, on the other hand, is lonely. He never gets to have a date and only has “… a few acquaintances good enough to talk to….” (16) David is always working alone on his art, which is another reason that explains why Amy chooses to leave him behind.


Their focuses in school are different in many ways. David is academic. He’s the type of hard working man who is straight-A’s and “… [goes] though the motions of studying, dreaming of college.” (19) Yet, Amy is self-indulgent. She can’t focus in school while “… [she] leaves her house every evening” (18), and eventually causes her grades to slip. David is thinking that he was still immature and Amy was the person who had grown up. Nevertheless, he is actually the one who is showing responsibility for oneself.


Even though Amy and David are once being so close to one another, they are eventually separated because of their own behavior and attitude. Amy becomes one of those perfect girls who once “… dated ten guys a month.” (20) David, on the other hand, is the artist who “… lived in the worlds that [he] drew.” (17) Everyone has their own decisions to make, and the relationship between Amy and David will never remain the same when each of them chooses to move on a special and unique path.




  1. hcorman said,

    It looks like you have a good plan in place. I look forward to reading more.

  2. hcorman said,

    You have made some insightful comments about the two characters. (5)

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